Sunday, November 1, 2009

So much going on

Things have been so crazy these last several weeks. I feel like we go, go, go. Now that Jeremi is a teenager, she never wants to be at home. Therefore, the last couple of weekends when we have been going places, she has not gone, which means she is not in any of the pictures. I feel bad posting pics when she is not there, but she is too cool for us these days. We went to Dewberry Farms last weekend. I have to say I was not impressed. I think for the money you have to spend there needs to be more for the little ones. It is a great place if your kids are at least 5 or 6. Aidan played a little bit, but was more interested in just walking around more than anything. However, he loved going down the slides there. Halloween was fun. It was a great night for trick or treating. We went and saw "Grandma Cathy" in Northhampton. They always have a block party, so we went and hung out for awhile and then went trick or treating around that neighborhood. Aidan loved it. He wanted to pick his own candy. There were some houses that he didn't want to leave. And, of course, Jeremi was with her friends so we don't have any pics of her.
Now, we are gearing up for our Lubbock trip for Thanksgiving. Bobby is going hunting and the rest of us are just going to hang out with family. Jeremi, once again, will be in Chicago with her Gege to visit her aunt and cousins. Hope you enjoy the pics

Thursday, October 1, 2009


This is what we found after noticing that Aidan was very quiet.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Updates

Well, I haven't posted anything in awhile so here goes. Our family has been going 90 to nothing since school started. Jeremi is staying busy with school and being the "social bug" that she is. She is either with friends or they are at the house. As for Aidan, there are always things going on with that little monster. He is in running mode these days and loves to be outside. When I get home from school I just leave the back door open and he goes in and out playing while I cook dinner. He is also very into shoes these days. He has to have shoes on all the time. If I take them off he whines and follows me around until I put them back on. He is loving daycare now. He reaches out to his sitter every morning. He had his first "accident" last week. One of the other boys that is older than him at daycare bit him on the arm. Of course, he was fine but I had to call everyone and let them know. Bobby was very upset. It is funny to hear his reactions-"Is she still gonna keep that kid?" I had to talk him through it and make him realize that accidents happen and it may be that one day Aidan is the one biting. Aidan is such a smart little guy. I can tell him to go get something or throw something in the trash and he does it. He can point out his nose and his belly button. We are working on pointing out his ears. He loves to dance. It is funny to watch. He even does this thing where he will walk backwards-like the late MJ.
Bobby and I are both just extremely busy with work. He is still playing softball but just for his work team on Wednesday nights. My class is a little rough this year. Hopefully, I will make it through.
We are looking forward to the fall season. I can't wait for Halloween and the pumpkin patch. I will add pics in a couple of days.

Monday, September 7, 2009

New PIcs

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend has been very busy. So much for relaxing. Saturday we spent just running errands. Aidan got his third haircut in three months. We decided to go to a new place-by new I mean cheaper. He hated it. He screamed the whole time. He was even sitting in Bobby's lap and he didn't like it. Afterward, they gave him a sucker and he loved it. Sunday, we went to the Astros game. It was Aidan's first game. He did fairly well. He got restless at times and Bobby would take him to walk around. Fortunately, we had space for him to walk back and forth by our seats. We left around the 7th inning. I thought he might be tired. Oh no, I was wrong. I am wondering if he is getting out of his afternoon nap. I am sure his babysitter will not like that. Speaking of babysitter, he is doing so good with her. He is not crying when I drop him off. He just goes right in. I am so thankful for that. It was so hard leaving him when he was crying. Aidan goes to the doctor for his 15 month checkup and shots this week. He is growing so much.
Jeremi is doing well, too. She didn't make the volleyball team. She was upset for awhile but has gotten over it. She is still working out with the team and I am hoping that helps for next year when she tries out. She is about to be 13 years old. I can't believe it. My baby is a teenager. For her birthday she wants to go to New Braunfels and float the river with some friends and family. It should be fun as long as the weather is good.
Everyone around here has been sick except for Aidan, thank goodness. We are all doing much better. Hopefully, that will be the only sickness around here for awhile.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

First Trip to the Zoo

So, today we decided to go to the zoo. It started out great. Aidan really loved the fish. The weather was great, then it started raining. It rained for about 20 minutes. We were really bummed. It finally stopped and we continued. We were all hot and sweaty as you can probably tell in the pics and Aidan was sleepy. We did go all over the zoo and then decided to do the paddle boats. It was a great way to cool off, however, we didn't take any pics, which was a bummer. Jeremi got tired of paddling, but Aidan loved it. We had fun and I guess when Aidan gets older maybe he will enjoy it more. Jeremi loved it. We have at least 2 pics of every animal we saw.

Monday, August 3, 2009

New pics

This is where all my garage sale stickers went to.
First time he has been this close to Sadie-ever-without her running away.
My daredevil-he climbs in and out.
My handsome little man after his 2nd haircut.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ladies and Gents........

We have a walker. Aidan has been walking, almost running, for about a week and a half now. He is getting really good at it. He still has his moments of crawling, but not very often. The only problem now is to be able to do it in shoes. For those of you who don't know, Aidan is not a shoe fan. Whenever we try to put them on him, he either gets them off or whines until we take them off. So, basically all summer he hasn't worn shoes,except for when he gets his haircut. Which by the way, we just went and got his 2nd haircut already. We just got his first haircut at the beginning of June and now it is just the middle of July and we are getting another one.
Jeremi comes home on Saturday so I will post pics of everything when she gets back. I hope everyone is having a great summer. I am .

Monday, July 13, 2009

More summer pics

Me and cousin Trent.
This is Aidan climing into his stroller from the bottom(all by himself). I told you he was a little monkey.
Me and Papa Kevin.
This is Aidan's security blanket. We can't leave home without it.
Silly boy.

Summer Happenings

Helping Papa with his deer blind.
Helping daddy with his PS3.
Jeremi put this bow in his hair and he made his funny face.
Mommy's sweet angel.
Another sign of him being a monkey(and sleepy).

Not a whole lot has been going on this summer so far. We have been taking it fairly easy this summer and hanging out at home. We bought Aidan a little pool that he can play in-which normally he will get in for a bit but then he crawls out and just plays with the water hose. He is 13 1/2 months now and still growing like a weed. He is STILL not walking completely yet. He will walk when no one is looking and then when we turn and look at him, he falls down. It is almost like he tries to run. We have tried to put shoes on him and he doesn't like them. We survived our first major diaper rash-it was tough on me so I know it was rough for him. It got to a point where he didn't want to be touched. He is such a little monkey. He crawls on everything. He pushes his toys to the couch or table and climbs on. He is definitely a dare devil.
Jeremi is in Lubbock for the rest of the summer. She is staying with her Gege and Papa. They spoil her rotten, so she loves to be there. She was playing volleyball this summer for a summer league team at school, however, I let her quit because she was not getting anything out of it. At the practices, they just goofed off and the games were pretty much the same. There were some girls on the team that didn't care if they did horrible, they just goofed off. For those of you who know me, that just doesn't work for me. It really aggravates me when a parent allows their child to play sports and goof off, especially if it effects the entire team.
Anyway, enough of my soap box. I am attaching some pics-all of Aidan because Jeremi took most of them.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Aidan Update

Well, Aidan is almost 13 months now and he is still not showing any desire to walk. He has taken a couple of steps by himself but then he just falls down and crawls. I really thought that he would be walking by now. I have my fingers crossed that he will be walking at least by the end of the summer. I know, people say I shouldn't rush it-the thing is-Jeremi was walking when she was 10 months-so for Aidan not to be walking yet is frustrating. He is still growing everyday and babbling like crazy-his new word is "uh-oh" when he drops something. It is very cute. He will look at us and then say it. At his 12 month checkup he was in the 75th percentile for height and size of his head and 25-50th percentile for his weight. His doctor said around a year their weight slows down but his is steadily increasing. That is because he eats like a little pig. He is still loving yogurt, applesauce, and fruit(almost any fruit except for mandarin oranges). His favorite things are Cheetos puffs and anything Mexican. He really loves guacamole. He is on whole milk and loving it. He is drinking from a sippy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has a bottle before bed. I decided not to take him completely off the bottle just yet. He really loves that bottle at night. We are looking for a babysitter or daycare-still trying to make that decision. I am a little nervous about a "true" daycare. I am really hoping to find an in-home daycare. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The kids and I are leaving early Sunday morning to go to Lubbock to see family. We haven't traveled with Aidan that far since last Thanksgiving-when he slept most of the way. This will definitely be an adventure. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Birthday pics

Our friend A.J. and her daughter Camryn.
End result of eating his cake.
Cutie pie Camryn.
Nana K and Aidan.

Birthday Party

Aidan loving his cake.

This is the car that my mom got him that he loves.
Cousin Kyren and Aidan's friend Christopher.
This is the wagon that we bought him for his birthday.
Aidan's 1st birthday party was alot of fun. We had friends and family over for a cookout and had water things for the little ones to play with.

First Haircut

Finished product. How handsome is he?

Wasn't liking this at first.

Before picture.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

So Many Things

So many things have happened these last two weeks. Aidan got his first haircut. It was eventful. At first he hated it. He was crying. Then, the stylist put him in a chair that looked like a car and he got used to it. There were so many things going on that he kept looking from side to side. There were some spots that were a little off but for what she had to deal with-she did a really good job. Then, we had the end of school. Jeremi was commended on math and reading TAKS. We are so proud. Bobby took her to Splashtown and they both came back looking like lobsters. Next came Aidan's birthday. I still can't believe that he is already 1. He has grown so much. We had his party this last Saturday. We had so much fun. We had water stuff for the kids to do. The weather was great. Family and friends came over and we had hamburgers and hotdogs. Aidan loved his cake. He really dug in. He ate all the icing and a little of the cake part. He was exhausted when everyone left. We have spent most of today just laying around. I am hoping to get some pics up soon. I am still figuring everything out. Hopefully, once I get everything figured out I can post more.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Time

So this is my first post.  I am not very computer literate so it has taken awhile just to get this part going.  I am hoping to learn things as I go.  I wanted to start this blog because---"All my friends are doing it!"  I also wanted to keep everyone updated on the kids and their happenings and it was becoming more difficult on Aidan's website because I was running out of picture room and didn't want to have to pay for more.  Plus, I really couldn't post things about Jeremi on there.  I am hoping that this goes well.