Sunday, June 7, 2009

So Many Things

So many things have happened these last two weeks. Aidan got his first haircut. It was eventful. At first he hated it. He was crying. Then, the stylist put him in a chair that looked like a car and he got used to it. There were so many things going on that he kept looking from side to side. There were some spots that were a little off but for what she had to deal with-she did a really good job. Then, we had the end of school. Jeremi was commended on math and reading TAKS. We are so proud. Bobby took her to Splashtown and they both came back looking like lobsters. Next came Aidan's birthday. I still can't believe that he is already 1. He has grown so much. We had his party this last Saturday. We had so much fun. We had water stuff for the kids to do. The weather was great. Family and friends came over and we had hamburgers and hotdogs. Aidan loved his cake. He really dug in. He ate all the icing and a little of the cake part. He was exhausted when everyone left. We have spent most of today just laying around. I am hoping to get some pics up soon. I am still figuring everything out. Hopefully, once I get everything figured out I can post more.

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