Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holiday Pics

Catching up

So it has been awhile since I blogged. Between holidays and the new year, I haven't found time. Where to start? Thanksgiving, I guess. We went to Lubbock. The trip there wasn't bad-except for Aidan woke up about 11 at night and we got there at 2 in the morning and he was ready to play. While we were there Bobby went hunting. He got a deer, so now we have tons of deer meat. Yummy! Jeremi went on to Chicago with Gege to see her aunt and cousins. She said it was cold but still fun. The rest of us drove back-I think it was the longest trip ever. Especially when we got back up the next morning to go to Beaumont to have Thanksgiving with Bobby's family. It was the first holiday since Bobby lost his granddad, so it was a little emotional. It was good to see family. As soon as we got back I was ready to put all the Christmas stuff out. We had fun doing that. Jeremi helped while Aidan touched everything. It was so funny because he wanted to pull things off of the tree but knew better. He would get really close and then look at me, like he was waiting one me to say something. Christmas was fun. Jeremi tore into her presents. Aidan on the other hand, did want to open anything he wanted to play with everyone else's stuff. My brother and his family were here. We got my niece a set of princess shoes. Aidan was more excited about that then anything else. He loves shoes. He used to not want to wear shoes and now we can't take them off. It was fun but I was ready to take things down the day after Christmas. I wanted my house back to normal. For New Years, Jeremi was in Lubbock and the boys and I just went to an early dinner and then stayed home and watched movies. I was really afraid that the fireworks outside would wake Aidan up but he slept right through that and the live Tejano music from the house 2 doors down that played until 1:30 in the morning. We are excited about the New Year and what all it will bring.