Sunday, November 1, 2009

So much going on

Things have been so crazy these last several weeks. I feel like we go, go, go. Now that Jeremi is a teenager, she never wants to be at home. Therefore, the last couple of weekends when we have been going places, she has not gone, which means she is not in any of the pictures. I feel bad posting pics when she is not there, but she is too cool for us these days. We went to Dewberry Farms last weekend. I have to say I was not impressed. I think for the money you have to spend there needs to be more for the little ones. It is a great place if your kids are at least 5 or 6. Aidan played a little bit, but was more interested in just walking around more than anything. However, he loved going down the slides there. Halloween was fun. It was a great night for trick or treating. We went and saw "Grandma Cathy" in Northhampton. They always have a block party, so we went and hung out for awhile and then went trick or treating around that neighborhood. Aidan loved it. He wanted to pick his own candy. There were some houses that he didn't want to leave. And, of course, Jeremi was with her friends so we don't have any pics of her.
Now, we are gearing up for our Lubbock trip for Thanksgiving. Bobby is going hunting and the rest of us are just going to hang out with family. Jeremi, once again, will be in Chicago with her Gege to visit her aunt and cousins. Hope you enjoy the pics

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