Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kemah-here we come!

This weekend we had to start on Jeremi's history project. She has to visit at least 3 historical places in Texas-get pictures-info- and write a report and do a posterboard. We were going to go to the Blue Bell factory but for some weird reason they are closed on Saturdays. Then, she wanted to go to the Prison Museum in Huntsville. We were trying to do anything but that. We have been stuck inside for awhile with Aidan being sick and wanted to get out and have fun. Then, she mentioned the Moody Mansion. We went there, did what we needed to do, and then decided to go to Kemah. I have never been before, so I was excited. We decided if we were going to ride some of the rides that we better eat first. We ate at The Flying Dutchmen. It was good, but nothing wonderful-except for the price. We then ventured over to the Aquarium. We went through the Stingray Reef and watched as Bobby and Aidan touched the Stingrays. Aidan was loving it when they would come up out of the water wanting food. After our food had settled, we started toward the amusement rides. Aidan rode some things and then Jeremi and I rode the roller coaster. It was funny because Jeremi had never ridden one before. I love roller coasters, however, this time, not so much. My neck is so stiff and sore that I think my roller coaster days are over. We then decided to ride the train around the area, eat a funnel cake and go home. It was a long day, but so much fun with the family.

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