Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Updates

Well, I haven't posted anything in awhile so here goes. Our family has been going 90 to nothing since school started. Jeremi is staying busy with school and being the "social bug" that she is. She is either with friends or they are at the house. As for Aidan, there are always things going on with that little monster. He is in running mode these days and loves to be outside. When I get home from school I just leave the back door open and he goes in and out playing while I cook dinner. He is also very into shoes these days. He has to have shoes on all the time. If I take them off he whines and follows me around until I put them back on. He is loving daycare now. He reaches out to his sitter every morning. He had his first "accident" last week. One of the other boys that is older than him at daycare bit him on the arm. Of course, he was fine but I had to call everyone and let them know. Bobby was very upset. It is funny to hear his reactions-"Is she still gonna keep that kid?" I had to talk him through it and make him realize that accidents happen and it may be that one day Aidan is the one biting. Aidan is such a smart little guy. I can tell him to go get something or throw something in the trash and he does it. He can point out his nose and his belly button. We are working on pointing out his ears. He loves to dance. It is funny to watch. He even does this thing where he will walk backwards-like the late MJ.
Bobby and I are both just extremely busy with work. He is still playing softball but just for his work team on Wednesday nights. My class is a little rough this year. Hopefully, I will make it through.
We are looking forward to the fall season. I can't wait for Halloween and the pumpkin patch. I will add pics in a couple of days.

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