Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend has been very busy. So much for relaxing. Saturday we spent just running errands. Aidan got his third haircut in three months. We decided to go to a new place-by new I mean cheaper. He hated it. He screamed the whole time. He was even sitting in Bobby's lap and he didn't like it. Afterward, they gave him a sucker and he loved it. Sunday, we went to the Astros game. It was Aidan's first game. He did fairly well. He got restless at times and Bobby would take him to walk around. Fortunately, we had space for him to walk back and forth by our seats. We left around the 7th inning. I thought he might be tired. Oh no, I was wrong. I am wondering if he is getting out of his afternoon nap. I am sure his babysitter will not like that. Speaking of babysitter, he is doing so good with her. He is not crying when I drop him off. He just goes right in. I am so thankful for that. It was so hard leaving him when he was crying. Aidan goes to the doctor for his 15 month checkup and shots this week. He is growing so much.
Jeremi is doing well, too. She didn't make the volleyball team. She was upset for awhile but has gotten over it. She is still working out with the team and I am hoping that helps for next year when she tries out. She is about to be 13 years old. I can't believe it. My baby is a teenager. For her birthday she wants to go to New Braunfels and float the river with some friends and family. It should be fun as long as the weather is good.
Everyone around here has been sick except for Aidan, thank goodness. We are all doing much better. Hopefully, that will be the only sickness around here for awhile.

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