Monday, April 26, 2010

Is it too early for the Terrible Twos?

I know that alot of parents say that their child goes through some sort of the Terrible Twos before they are actually two. I am pretty sure we are definitely there already. Here lately Aidan has been sticking out his tongue at us. Well, at first it was cute but now I am pretty sure he knows it is not good. When we call his name or he gets in trouble he will stick his tongue out and laugh. Granted it is hard not to laugh but we know it isn't good. Now, he has started hitting. Alot of the time in the face. We have tried the whole sitting out thing and it is not working. Obviously, he is too young to spank and it is not a good thing to spank(hit) him when he is hitting. When he gets in trouble he will look at you, say "no, no" and then hit at you. His babysitter says he doesn't do it there, so I guess that is good. I guess since Jeremi was such an easy baby, and a girl, I am going to experience the true joy of raising a "boy"..Great, can't wait. Which by the way, he is all boy. He loves to be outside.

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