Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aidan's Birthday

Well, it has taken a month to get this posted. Things have been a little busy around the Vasek household. For Aidan's birthday we just did a family thing at Chuck E. Cheese. He loved it. He was son into all the games until he saw Chuck E. He followed him around and wanted to touch his shoes. We got a couple of pictures of them together. It was so cute. He had so much fun playing. After we got home we let him open his presents. He got the new improved bubble mower and a grill just like daddy's. We have "eaten" so many hot dogs and hamburgers that we are sick of them. He loves to grill. He even takes it outside when Bobby is grilling outside. He makes sizzle noises when he puts the burgers on the grill.
Aidan has gotten so big-and such a temper. He is throwing fits with the best of them. He doesn't like time out and will say sorry over and over until I let him out. He has started talking lots more. He won't be quiet now. IF you don't listen to him he will scream your name until you do. When we went for his 2 year checkup he weighed 26 lbs and was 34 inches tall. However, his head was in the 90th percentile. So we have a very skinny boy with a big head. The crazy thing is the boy eats all the time. I guess he is just so active-by which I mean he never stops-that he doesn't gain weight. We are starting potty training later this month-great fun. He will sit on the potty and loves to wipe and flush but won't ever do anything. He tells me when he has a dirty diaper but not before. Hopefully, by the end of the summer things will be done.

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