Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

We went to Beaumont for the 4th. Bobby's dad is about to go work in Madagascar so we wanted to spend time with him before he left. He had also told Jeremi that he would get a pool so he followed through and we wanted to take advantage of that-and maybe escape all the rain we have had. We have tried to talk him into a "real" pool for a couple of years now to no avail. This is the next best thing. We had fun-lots of good food and family. However, when it came to the fireworks-not so much fun for one little fella. He loved all the little stuff we got for him and he loved all the color but when it came to all the loud noises-not so much. So, needless to say me and Aidan stayed inside for the fireworks show. He is still not good with loud noises. He can handle the lawnmower but when it comes to the vacuum or a blow dryer-not having it. He runs the other way. Enjoy the pics.

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